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CBD Developments / Re: Festival Centre office tower | 108m | 27 levels | Office
« Last post by DaDogeDude on November 15, 2016, 03:43:19 pm »
When is it going to be completed?
Metropolitan Development / 6-8 South Esplanade | 12 Floors
« Last post by DaDogeDude on November 15, 2016, 03:41:52 pm »
From the Messenger:
PLANS have been lodged for a 12-storey apartment building on Glenelg’s South Esplanade — the first since major zoning changes were introduced to allow taller developments at the Bay.

The 63-apartment building is planned for 6-8 South Esplanade.

It would be immediately south of the 1876-built State Heritage-listed Seafield Tower mansion — divided into apartments — which would be restored using funds raised through the sale of apartments in the new building.

Property Council executive director Daniel Gannon said renewed development interest in Glenelg would mean “more hard hats and steel caps for South Australians, along with economic development and stimulus for our state’s economy”.

“This type of interest in Glenelg — and other metropolitan suburbs — represents a green light to the calls made by the property sector ... to remove onerous planning and development barriers,” Mr Gannon said.

“The density fuse has now been lit, which means it’s up to the property sector to produce quality residential stock to a market whose appetite is growing for vertical living.”

The rezoning in May allowed 12-storey buildings on South Esplanade between Jetty Rd and Saltram St, on Colley Tce, the western end of Anzac Highway and the southern end of Adelphi Tce.

The South Esplanade project is a partnership between the Australian National Institute, which owns holiday units at number seven, and Chasecrown architect Louis Kanellos and Medallion Homes managing director Peter Katelanis, who together own the La Mancha holiday suites at number eight.

Both modern buildings would be demolished under the plans, which have been lodged with the state’s Development Assessment Commission.

33a South Esplanade, Glenelg South
None of the project partners were available for interview last week.

However, they said through a public relations agency the development would make the beach more accessible through a new public walkway connecting South Esplanade with St Johns Row.

“The project will be the first significant residential development on the Glenelg seafront for more than a decade and provide much-needed 21st century housing stock and an economic boost for Glenelg,” they said.

Seafield Tower is among four State Heritage-listed mansions on the South Esplanade.

During consultation for the rezoning, several South Esplanade residents expressed concerns about 19th century homes being overshadowed by taller developments.

Belinda Singleton said if tall buildings were built next to the heritage properties, this would make it even harder to imagine what the area was like when they were built.

“When they’re next to a high-rise building, it does not give that same appeal,” Ms Singleton said last week.

In June, Planning Minister John Rau gazetted Glenelg and Glenelg North as suburbs where applications for developments over four storeys could go directly to the Development Assessment Commission, rather than Holdfast Bay Council.
CBD Developments / Guidelines of Posting in CBD Development
« Last post by CamCog on November 15, 2016, 01:45:06 am »
    These are some basic Guidelines you should read before posting in CBD Development!
    • All threads must have at least 1 link to another website on that particular building/topic.
    • All threads must be written with basic grammar. Don't be that guy who never uses Capital letters and full stops please.
    • The title of your thread must have the height/approximate height of the building. If possible, please add the amount of floors and the name of the building.
    • Please don't go advertising anything in your threads. If you want to Advertise on this forum, please contact an administrator. We will give you a price of the advertisement.
    If your thread fails to roughly follow these guidelines, it will be highly edited or most likely deleted.
    Please don't be scared to post however as you won't have any grudges held against you if you make a mistake!
    CBD Developments / Festival Centre office tower | 108m | 27 levels | Office
    « Last post by CamCog on November 15, 2016, 01:11:53 am »
    The festival plaza office tower was recently approved on Thursday (10th Nov 2016). Walkercorp are the Developers on this project and more can be found at It is assumed to start in 2017 and it's completion is in 2019/2020. This thread is for people who have news on the stunning office tower. Here are some pictures.  ;D :o

    General Building Discussion / Welcome to
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