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Guidelines of Posting in CBD Development


HELLO EVERYONE!These are some basic Guidelines you should read before posting in CBD Development!
* All threads must have at least 1 link to another website on that particular building/topic.
* All threads must be written with basic grammar. Don't be that guy who never uses Capital letters and full stops please.
* The title of your thread must have the height/approximate height of the building. If possible, please add the amount of floors and the name of the building.
* Please don't go advertising anything in your threads. If you want to Advertise on this forum, please contact an administrator. We will give you a price of the advertisement.If your thread fails to roughly follow these guidelines, it will be highly edited or most likely deleted.Please don't be scared to post however as you won't have any grudges held against you if you make a mistake!~Cam[/list]


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